Captain Schettino To Face Manslaughter Charges

Earlier this week, an Italian judge rejected Captain Francesco Schettino’s plea bargain and ordered him to stand trial for the deaths of 32 passengers and causing a shipwreck last January. The trial is expected to begin on July 9th and will take place in the Italian city of Grosseto, the city closest to the Costa Concordia’s resting place.

Schettino continues to deny the charges and claims and has praised his actions, claiming that his maneuver saved the lives of thousands more from drowning. He has also publicly acknowledged that other officers from the ship should also have to carry some of the blame. While some officers have had charges filed against them, their plea bargains are still being considered by the court. If Schettino is found guilty of his charges, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

Schettino is also currently fighting another legal battle: Last winter, Schettino sued his former employer, Costa Cruises, for wrongful dismissal.


Photo: AP



Mike Faust

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