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So this is a new feature to our blog, and we hope people will take advantage of it. Ask Mikey is a place where you can ask any question about cruising and have it answered by me! I actually do know quite a bit about the cruise industry being a pretty well seasoned cruiser. So just to let you know, you can submit questions HERE and we will answer them every Tuesday right here! So off we go…


Q: Hey Mikey, What is your favorite activity to participate in on the ships? Also, what was your favorite dessert on your recent cruise?

A: Thanks Kaleigh for being our first question! My favorite activity on board a cruise ship would probably have to be the water slides. I just love them so much, and I find them very exciting! The ones on Carnival’s Conquest Class are good, but I hope someday I will get to try either the Dream’s Class slides, or the ones on the EPIC. My favorite dessert on my last cruise was hands down, the Grand Marnier Souffle. It was on the very last night of the cruise, and it was by far the best dessert I have ever had in my life, on land and sea. It was sort of like a vanilla cake baked into a small bowl with a vanilla pudding center, and then vanilla sauce that you could drizzle over it. Delicious! 🙂


Q: When was the first Carnival cruise finish being built?

A: Hi Jennifer! Great question! The first Carnival ship was the Mardi Gras. She was built in 1961, but did not sail for Carnival until 1972 after her former owner (Canadian Pacific Line) went bankrupt, and she was sold to Carnival Cruise Lines. Not many people know, but the Mardi Gras actually ran aground onto a sandbar on her maiden voyage in the Port of Miami. The “Fun Ship” concept actually came from that cruise, because everybody was a bit drunk, and people were just having a good time…in the middle of the Port of Miami, on a grounded ship. 🙂 

Thanks again to Kaleigh and Jennifer for asking great questions! I had fun answering them! Hope everyone has a great night, and I promise I will put out some #TT’s today, but it will be later in the day…I have to go to school first. 🙁





Mike Faust

Mike Faust is an avid world traveler, often found traversing city streets in Asia and Europe rather than his home city of Boca Raton. Mike has touched down in 39 countries, set sail on 35 cruises, and flown over 400,000 lifetime miles.