Crazy Story: iPhone Stolen By Crew Member, Solved by His Own Photos

Crazy Story: iPhone Stolen By Crew Member, Solved by His Own Photos

Has your phone ever been stolen while on a cruise? I doubt you said yes, but here’s a crazy story you might enjoy about a stolen iPhone and a crew member named Nelson.

Katy McCaffrey was cruising on board Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder this past April, when her iPhone was stolen by a crew member on board named Nelson. How does she know it was Nelson? Well, recently Nelson has been taking pictures of himself, his girlfriend, fellow crew members, and even the ports the ship has been visiting. Now, Katy had set up her iPhone with the iCloud system, so every photo Nelson has taken with Katy’s iPhone has been showing up on her home computer.

Katy has now turned all of these photos into a Facebook photo album, Stolen iPhone Adventures. Here are some of my personal favorites along with Katy’s captions…

The good news? Katy alerted Disney Cruise Line about this situation and now her iPhone will be returned to her once the Disney Wonder completes its current Alaskan cruise. Nelson is currently on administrative leave and has been banned from entering passenger areas to further prevent him from stealing anyone else’s iPhone’s.

Honestly this story is a bit funny when you think about it. Who would have guessed that all of these photos would end up on Katy’s computer and that she will be getting her iPhone back soon. Nelson can’t be too happy right now. Anyway, you should check out the rest of Nelson’s photos on Katy’s Facebook page, the captions just make the photos even more enjoyable!

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  • http://embarkat.wordpress.com embarkat

    Wow. Apple is pretty innovative. Who would have thought iCloud would have solved the mystery. Now it’s time to turn on iCloud for my phone… just in case.

  • http://swhphototravel.wordpress.com/ Spencer

    I Reblogged this and thought I should say:
    I always thought iCloud would come in handy, just not for this reason!

    • http://mikeyscruiseblog.com Mikey

      Lol, same here…except for the time it didn’t recover all of my lost school notes. :/ Thanks for the re-blog Spencer!


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