Allure of the Seas Intercepts 2 Cuban Rafts At Sea

On Saturday, Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas diverted from their its route to intercept 2 rafts containing Cuban refugees.

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The 2 rafts were picked up at different times on Saturday after being spotted from the bridge of the ship. When the refugees were brought aboard they were given food, water, and a medical examination. A passenger on board was even quoted saying,  “I was kinda hoping that if they were brave enough to make it out to see from Cuba that they’d have a chance to stay here but who knows?”

That turned up to be false as soon as a Coast Guard Cutter took the Cubans away a few hours later. The US Coast Guard Cutter Kodiak Island approached Allure hours later and took possession of the Cubans. They will most likely be sent back to Cuba within the next few days.

Below are two videos of the rescue. The first one is a video of the rescue itself, the second one is a video of the US Coast Guard taking the Cubans away.

Header image: Royal Caribbean



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