Allure of the Seas – Engine Room Fire

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Allure of the Seas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4/21/12 – 8:25am Update: The engine room fire on board Allure of the Seas was small and was extinguished very quickly by the ships’ fire suppression system, according to a Royal Caribbean spokesperson. There were no injuries either to passengers or crew and the ship continued on its route to Fort Lauderdale.

Allure of the Seas is expected to be back in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.

It is now being reported by Cruise Law News that there has been an engine room fire on board Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas.

At this time the fire seems to have been extinguished and there are currently no reported injuries to any passengers or crew. The ship currently has electricity and propulsion, but is moving very slowly. Passengers reported seeing heavy black smoke coming out of the funnels, and some passengers are reporting that there was an initial panic. Allure of the Seas has changed course slightly to make sure that the winds won’t blow any smoke into the ship.

I am currently watching a tracking GPS of Allure of the Seas, so I am keeping an eye on the situation.

I will update this post when necessary, stay tuned for more info soon.

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