Additional Remains Discovered Near Costa Concordia

Additional human remains have been discovered by divers searching for the two remaining bodies of Russel Rebello and Maria Grazia Trecarichi near the wreck of the Costa Concordia.

While Italian officials are neither confirming nor denying the remains belong to Rebello nor Trecarichi, officials have ordered for the remains to be tested for a DNA match.

Franco Gabrielli, the head of the search operation stated, ”We are awaiting the results of scientific analyses. Before jumping to any conclusions, we have to wait for the results to confirm whether the remains belong to the missing.”

The discovery of these additional remains comes only months after a first set of remains were found near deck 4 in the wreck. Those remains were identified as belonging to passenger Maria Grazia Trecarichi.

Russel Rebello and Maria Grazia Trecarichi are the two remaining people who were onboard the Costa Concordia when it sank to be discovered. Rebello was a waiter onboard the Costa Concordia and was last seen assisting guests to safety. Trecarichi was sailing onboard the Costa Concordia to celebrate her 50th birthday with her daughter.



Mike Faust

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