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A Brief History

Cruise Currents was originally founded as Mikey’s Cruise Blog on August 14, 2011. Originally, our Editor, Mike, wrote editorial pieces on new in the industry and reviews of his cruises. Soon, the website began to report on cruise industry news. As the website grew in size and audience, the need for a rebranding became evident. On December 23, 2012, Mikey’s Cruise Blog officially became Cruise Currents. With a new name and logo, Cruise Currents could go forward to become a leading cruise website. With a primary focus on reporting cruise industry news, Cruise Currents now features editorials, detailed cruise reviews, and cruise resources. To this day, Cruise Currents continues to grow and expand in the industry.

Mission Statement

Cruise Currents aims to be the leading cruise website. With a primary focus on reporting cruise industry news, Cruise Currents also publishes high quality editorials, cruise reviews, and informational pieces. Articles featured on Cruise Currents are fully researched, written no bias, and on time. With a qualified writing team, Cruise Currents provides both accurate and useful articles for learning more about the cruise industry and the cruise experience. Through research, timely reporting, and plenty of cruises, Cruise Currents can become the industry’s leading cruise website.

Media & Press Collaboration

Cruise Currents and her writers have continually been called upon my major networks for collaboration on news articles. Mike Faust, our Editor, has worked with CNN, CBS, and the BBC multiple times to assist in information gathering and fact checking on news articles. Mike has also been featured as a source for a news article on the Huffington Post.

Florida Atlantic University Spotlights Senior Editor Mike Faust

Awards & Accolades

Best Cruise Blog of 2013 as voted by Cruise Fever

4th Most Popular Cruise Website 2013 as compiled by Cruise Law News

Top Cruise Blog Website 2013 as voted by New York Travel Writer’s Society

Best Cruise News Website 2012 as voted by Royal Caribbean Fans