3 Reasons To Book A Balcony Stateroom For Your Next Cruise

Nowadays, balconies make up the largest percentage of staterooms aboard the majority of cruise ships. Regardless, there are still cruisers who haven’t upgraded from interior or ocean views to the glorious balcony. For those still on the edge (don’t fall of the ship) here are my reasons why you should choose a balcony stateroom for your next cruise.

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#3 The Natural Sunlight

#3 Natural Sunlight

While it is true that an ocean view stateroom will bring some sunlight into your stateroom, nothing beats the natural sunlight brought into your stateroom from a balcony. Many ships now have balcony staterooms that feature floor to ceiling windows with a door to your balcony. These expanded windows will flood your room with warm, natural light, creating a comfortable and relaxing stateroom environment.

#2 The Great Views

#2 The Great Views

#2 Great Views

Whether you are sailing past El Morro Fortress in San Juan or glaciers in the Inside Passage – your balcony will provide you with some of the best views available onboard your ship. On your balcony, you are guaranteed railing space for sailaways and glacier spotting, there is no need to battle for space up on the Lido deck. Some may argue that ocean view staterooms also have a view, but keep in mind that balconies are located higher up on the ship and provide more panoramic views than a small window would.

#1 Your Own Private Retreat

The main reason to have your own balcony – it’s your very own, private retreat. Your balcony is your guaranteed spot on the exterior of the ship. Here there are no worries of not having a chair or lounger to get a little sun. This private relaxation area is only steps from your bed and provides a quiet, relaxing place to either watch the waves move by or even take an afternoon nap. On some ships, balconies may not have another balcony above, which provides you with direct sunlight, transforming your balcony into a sun deck. Your balcony is simply – your balcony. There is no need to place down a towel on your chair to grab quick bite in the buffet and become a vicious chair hog. A balcony is your way to get away from the crowds on the Lido deck and simply relax in a private, relaxing environment.

#1 Your Own Private Retreat

#1 Your Own Private Retreat


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