3 More Bodies Found In Costa Concordia Wreck

It has been a little bit over 2 months now since the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Giligo, Italy, and today divers discovered 3 more bodies inside an area of the hull that according to officials was earlier, “too hard to reach.”

Costa Concordia Polski: Statek pasażerski Cost...

Costa Concordia, in better times. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This new discovery now brings the official death toll to 28 people, with 4 still missing. The remaining 4 are presumed to be dead

The Costa Concordia still lays on her side near the harbor of Giligo, where plans on her removal are soon to be realeased by Costa Cruises. According to manny industry experts, she is claimed to be a, “total, consntructive loss.”

3:40 Update: 2 more bodies have been found wedged between the side of the ship underwater and the seabed of Giligo. This brings the total confirmed dead to 30, with 2 passengers still missing.



Mike Faust

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