3 Cruise Line Funnels Explained

Carnival Funnel For the full history behind Carnival’s funnel, skip ahead to 23:28 in my recent interview I conducted with Joe Farcus, the designer of the Carnival funnel.

Mediterranea Tour 014Costa Funnel Costa’s funnel features the colors gold and blue, each with a unique symbolism behind their colors. Costa Cruises was founded in 1854, originally operating cargo ships around the Mediterranean, which carried olive oil and textiles between Genoa and Sardinia. Later in Costa’s life, when the company began carrying guests, their logo took on the history of the company. The blue C represented the ocean for very obvious reasons and the gold was chosen to represent the olive oil the company once carried. While both colors are aesthetically pleasing together, they also hold significant meaning and symbolism for the cruise line and its long history.

Celebrity Solstice Photos & Videos 059Celebrity Funnel The meaning and design of Celebrity’s funnel dates back to the cruise line’s beginnings. Founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of Chandris Cruises, Celebrity Cruises was in need of a logo. Playing off of the Greek heritage of the Chandris family, who originally founded Celebrity’s parent company, Celebrity’s logo became the distinctive X, which is “chi” in Greek. “Chi,” the first letter in the family’s last name, aptly pays homage to the Chandris family. The X logo has served as Celebrity’s logo since its founding.



Mike Faust

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